'It Is Too Much... 50%" - Gyan Slams High Taxes Levied On Footballers In England

Ghanaian international legend Asamoah Gyan has recently revealed that the high taxes levied on players in England forced his decision in leaving the country.

Gyan featured in the Premier League from 2010-2012 with Sunderland before departing for the United Arab Emirates to join Al Ain in 2011, securing a permanent move after joining on loan.

It was a move that was met with much criticisms as many felt he wasted his prime years in the relative obscure regions of the Middle East as opposed to Europe but for Gyan, the tax man came in too huge.

“[The tax demand on players in Europe] is too much. In England they take like close to 50 percent [of your salary as tax]. A player trains everyday then at the end of the month you cut his salary by 50%. I don’t think it’s good,” Gyan said in an interview with Joy FM.

“Let me reveal this secret; I will say that [high taxes] was one the reasons why I left Sunderland. That was one of the factors. In China they tax too, but there the clubs pay the tax and they give the player a net salary.

“But in England the team doesn’t pay, it is the player that has to pay the tax. So it you are earning $100,000 a month, then it’s virtually $50,000. But in China if you are earning $100,000, your team pays your taxes and you take home $100,000.

Gyan has so far scored 128 goals in 120 appearances for Al-Ain and is rumored to be on a return to Europe with Turkish side Bursaspor interested in the player.
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